Friday, 29 June 2012

Mennonite pilgrims arrive in Scotland

A group of North American (mainly) Mennonites arrives in Scotland tomorrow, concluding a two week 'Celtic pilgrimage' across these islands, and taking in sites such as Iona, Rostrevor, Dublin, Glendalough, Lindisfarne, Dublin and now Edinburgh.

The group is coordinated from the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana, led by Marlene and Stan Kropf, and draws participants from the USA and Canada.

These pilgrimages have been regular bi-annual events for a number of years, previously led by Willard Roth and others. They aim to learn about the development of Celtic-influenced Christianity in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England, and to draw lessons for contemporary Christian practice.

In Edinburgh, the group will hear on Saturday evening from Ian Milligan, one of the initiators of the Exploring Anabaptism group in Scotland, and also a long-term leader of the Bert community church in Glasgow. On Sunday evening they will be addressed by Simon Barrow of the think-tank Ekklesia, who also helps coordinate the Anabaptist Theology Forum in Britain.

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